March 4, 2024

Learn to Brush – A helpful guide

It is hard to believe babies begin teething from such a young age.

At just three months old you could be faced with the unpleasant symptoms of teething, and you can expect a tooth to be pushing through anywhere between 4-7 months.

Did you know that you should start to brush as soon as the first tooth appear?

It is so important to start basic oral care as soon as you can. Decay in milk teeth can have an adverse effect on adult teeth which are sitting beneath the milk teeth ready to grow.

It can be daunting thinking about how you should look after these new teeth, which your little one has taken so much time and energy to grow. My Daughter has found teething incredibly difficult, I feel guilty even trying to look inside her mouth sometimes because I know it can be so tender to touch.

MAM Baby Learn to Brush Toothbrush Set

I was delighted when I received the ‘Learn to Brush Set’ from the MAM Oral Care Range. I was already a huge fan after using the Oral Care Rabbit cloth to massage my daughter’s gums.

MAM Baby Training Toothbrush

The MAM Training Brush is perfect for us to brush together, the extra-long handle makes it easy to support my little one holding the brush without getting in the way, allowing her to develop a sense of independence when looking after those teeth. I was easily able to show her some brushing techniques and have been delighted with how much she enjoys it.

MAM Baby Pink Rabbit Soother

It is important to promote oral care as a positive experience if we want our children to look after their teeth, the well thought out design of this product does exactly that. The small round head on the brush means it is not too overwhelming for even the smallest of mouths. Another part of the design which I really love is the safety shield to prevent the brush going too far back into her mouth.

MAM Baby Training Toothbrush

Like all MAM products they are bright and attractive- with a colourful teddy design to draw those tiny humans in, complete with red bristles to indicate exactly how much toothpaste to us.

Learning to brush doesn’t have to be a chore, thanks to MAM.

MAM Baby Brushy Bear Banner