June 20, 2024

Welcome to #Soothement

What is #Soothement?

Parenting is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences in the world. It’s full of laughter, smiles and heart-warming moments. That doesn’t mean that parenting is without its challenges; both from the upheaval a new baby can bring and from the judgement, we can feel from others. However, nothing can take away that wonderful glow we feel inside when we see a happy, relaxed & soothed baby. 

As a family company, MAM has always been committed to caring for the next generation. Our goal is to provide parents with trusted advice and help soothe babies. This is why we are launching the #Soothement. 

Babies cry, that’s just a fact. However, some babies will cry every time someone tries to settle them, despite having all their needs met. Parents can find themselves at their wit’s end, trying to find solutions that will help calm their crying baby.

In these situations, giving a baby a soother can help to calm and comfort them. one of the most natural and soothing things for a baby to do is suck. It’s a powerful instinct that they are born with. Yet despite this interesting ‘little-known fact’, many parents feel cautious about using a soother

Here to challenge myths and outdated views is MAM. We want to educate parents on the benefits of soothers and help end the stigma that still surrounds soother usage. Allowing parents to feel confident in their choices

Did You Know?

ultrasound of baby thumb-sucking

Babies are born with a natural need to suck, that goes way beyond feeding.

In the first year of life, the need to suck is enormous. Even after a complete feed, babies actively continue to suck in order to find comfort. It’s no wonder that everything within reach is tested for its qualities as something to suck on. But not everything that a baby is happy to suck on is suitable. Whilst “finding their thumb” might sound like a natural solution, the inflexibility of fingers & thumbs can mean that too much pressure is put on your baby’s jaw and palette.

That is why, (other than mum’s breast), only soothers support healthy development. MAM soothers are designed to be soft, flexible & mimic the shape of mum’s nipple whilst feeding.

Babies use soothers for comfort; to calm themselves, at sleep-time, during teething, through illness and more. 

However, not all Soothers are made equal.

MAM Colours of Nature Soothers & sleeping baby

A Bad Reputation

In the past, soothers had a negative image and rightly so. The “Dummies” of old were cheaply made with large cherry teats.

The Soothers of today are orthodontically designed with experts, made of high-quality material, and are perfectly safe and loved by babies. 

Why MAM?

MAM Soothers are designed for healthy oral development– we work with medical experts such as dentists to ensure that our soothers are orthodontic, giving you peace of mind. All our soother teats are designed to be soft, flexible and small enough to minimise their impact on oral development, while still satisfying baby’s sucking needs.

More Than Just A Soother

The SkinSoft™ teat is silicone with a difference: its silky soft surface resembles the feeling of mum’s soft skin. This familiar feeling means it is easily accepted by babies with a proud 94% acceptance rate*

*(Market Research: 2010-2019, tested with 1,463 babies.)

Skin Friendly

Thanks to big air holes, curved shield shape and unique MAM dimples on the inside of the shield MAM soothers are gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Ease & Convenience

Many of the MAM soothers come with a self-sterilising travel case for easy and convenient sterilising on the go.

Note: Please allow the product to cool before giving it to your baby

Stand loud and proud with your MAM Soother! 


Soother Mythbusting

There are lots of misconceptions surrounding soothers. As part of our #soothement we want to dispel these myths and educate people on soother usage.

Myth: Soothers cause problems to baby’s teeth.

Fact: Soothers will not cause long term problems for your baby’s teeth, and are much better than using a thumb for comfort.

Myth: Soothers interfere with breastfeeding

Fact: Studies show that once breastfeeding is established, starting your little one with a soother will not cause problems with breastfeeding.

Myth: Soothers cause ear infections

Fact: During the first year the risk of an ear infection is actually very low.

Other Benefits of using Soothers

As well as the myths, there are also other facts about soothers that you may not know.

Fact: Around 10% of all babies are born prematurely and many of them will initially experience major
difficulty when sucking and swallowing. Soothers are often used to help these tiny babies develop their sucking reflex, and to help comfort them.

Fact: Soothers are recommended by the Lullaby Trust as part of your baby’s Safer-Sleep-Routine as there is some evidence that their use can reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Fact: Soothers can help your little one soothe and calm themselves

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