June 20, 2024

Caesarean Birth: Midwife Tips

MAM Midwife Zoe Round Portrait

By Midwife Zoe

A Registered Nurse, Midwife & Hypnobirth teacher with over 10 years of post-registration experience. Zoe has worked in a variety of settings from a specialist homebirth team to a high-risk delivery suite and, most recently, at a community birth centre. Zoe is also a Mum to two young daughters, Edith (3) and Dorothy ‘Dot’ (1). She has direct experience of water birth, home birth, breastfeeding, breastfeeding through pregnancy, tandem nursing and weaning.

Planning Your Birth

When planning a caesarean birth, ultimately all the same rules apply as to any other birth. After all, birth is birth. Over my years of midwifery practice, I have picked up some hints and tips along the way from my experience in caring for mothers who have had a caesarean birth. These easy and simple hacks will help you to have your home ready; your bags packed and your mind at ease. Ready for you to welcome your baby into the world.

1. Organise, organise, organise

Make a note of where essential items are packed in your hospital bag so another person can get them for you. Alternatively, pack these items in the side pockets or in a smaller bag within the main bag. Ask your birth partner to place them within easy reach of you before they return home to prevent you from having to reach and twist.

2. Chill out

Pop some headphones in your hospital bag. These will come in handy if you need something to distract you whilst you are waiting to go to theatre. These are also great during your postnatal recovery. Remember to research mindfulness apps beforehand and work out how to use them; you may turn to these if you need a little peaceful headspace whilst on the ward as these can be noisy and busy places.

3. Neat feet

Pack some easy slip-on shoes; this will prevent you from having to bend down post-operatively. Make sure they stay on your feet securely to prevent any slips.

4. Loungewear-tastic

When deciding what clothes to pack, opt for stretchy, soft and loose loungewear. Ensure that it is comfortable around your tummy, particularly along your bikini line. This includes your knickers, the higher the waist the better! Remember, if you are planning on breastfeeding, you will want to wear something that makes feeding convenient too.

5. Music to my ears

Many hospitals have the facilities for you to play your own music during the caesarean itself. Discuss this with your midwife antenatally to clarify the best format for you to create your own playlist. Remember to choose songs that keep you calm, hold fond memories and make you feel happy.

6. Home Comforts

Pack a pillow from home to help you get comfortable following the birth. If you have one that can double up as a feeding cushion, that will be even better. Remember to put a colourful or patterned pillowcase on it so it does not get mixed up with hospital property.

7. Boredom busters

Plan and prepare for potential times where you may be waiting around and in need of something to pass the time. A book or an e-reader is great; however, on this occasion, you may wish to find an activity that involves your birth partner too, like playing cards.

8. Ready, steady, pose!

Take as many pictures as you can! Remember to use the time where you are waiting to go to theatre to take any last-minute bump pictures. If possible, hand your phone to a member of the theatre team and ask them to capture some of those first moments following your baby’s birth too. Discuss the possibility for this with your midwife during your birth preferences consultation.

9. Refuel and hydrate… mate!

Proper nutrition and hydration following a caesarean birth is a vital aspect of your recovery. It will help to prevent constipation, aid wound healing and support the production of breastmilk. Take a water bottle that has a sports cap; this will come in useful when you are still in bed and movement is restricted. Also, pack plenty of healthy snacks that will boost your energy levels. The chances are you will have had a period of being nil by mouth prior to the procedure and whilst you will be provided with the most delicious tea and toast you have ever had following the birth (if you know, you know), you may be grateful to have something to put your hand on when those middle of the night hunger cravings kick in.   

10. Stock up

Prepare for your return home. Batch cook and freeze some meals to fill your tummies on those busier days and have plenty of snacks readily available in the cupboard. Peppermint tea is another great item to pop in the cupboard as in addition to its soothing flavour, it is also great for relieving painful trapped wind which is something women can experience post caesarean. Consider how you plan to manage any post-operative discomfort and stock up on the relevant medications like paracetamol, for example.

Final Thoughts

These top tips will help you to be the most prepared you can be for the arrival of your little one. They will also ensure that when you return home with your baby, you are able to take care of yourselves as new parents as well as your new housemate. At the heart of these tips, my main message is one of being prepared. Take the time to consider what is important to you and your partner in designing your experience of this wonderful event. Remember to team your hopes and desires with an open-minded and informative chat with your own midwife about the options available to you in your own hospital so that you can create a detailed and flexible plan of your birth preferences.

Should you need reminding… you’ve got this!