August 19, 2022

Tips For Surviving the Clocks Going Forward

Summertime is Here

Sunday March 29th is the day the clocks go forward and marks the official start of British summertime. The days are getting longer which can often seem like a blessing and a curse. Being woken up naturally by the light can be really energising; however trying to convince small children that it’s bedtime whilst the Sun is still up can definitely be a challenge. Not to mention those first few days of grumpy exhaustion as their little bodies get used to the change. So we’ve put together a few tips to help prepare your little ones (and you) for the clocks going forward.

1. Try and tucker yourselves out on Saturday afternoon.

Whilst this might seem trickier than normal in these unique times, try and go for a long walk as your daily exercise ideally in the afternoon on Saturday, to try and tire yourselves out before bedtime – the fresh air might do you all some good too.

2. Stay up for an extra hour on Saturday Night

Letting your children stay up a little later than normal on Saturday evening can help them adjust to the new schedule by encouraging them to sleep in later the next day.

3. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself able to have a lie-in, definitely savour that extra hour in bed – it is a Sunday after all! Just try not to sleep-in too late as there is such a thing as too much sleep (not that many of us parents remember what that’s like) and this can create grouchy tykes just as much as too-little sleep.

4. Embrace the early start.

Goodness knows having kids means a lot of early starts, if your little one is an early riser you may find them waking you up even earlier than usual, when the clocks go forward. Instead of silently crying on the inside, try and embrace the early start. Get your children involved in the making of an early breakfast or try out some early morning yoga, to help wake you all up.

5. Adjust Your Clocks the night before

If you wait until Sunday morning to adjust your clocks not only will it make you sad but you also risk forgetting whether or not you have changed them which might be a problem if you have something you need to be up for.

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