July 6, 2022

Keeping Calm During Pregnancy

Katie Hilton, MAM Midwife

By Katie Hilton – MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor

Katie Hilton is a dual qualified nurse, midwife and health visitor and the expert adviser for MAM UK. She is also a mu’ma herself to one cheeky little man. Here she gives us her top 10 tips to keeping calm during pregnancy

Pregnancy during Lock-down

It’s only natural at the moment to feel stressed and worried about what the next few months will hold, and even more so if your pregnant. To help you get through this period here are some ideas for how you can relax and look after your emotional well-being. Your mental well-being during pregnancy is just as important as your physical health, so try to take care of your mind as well as your body.

Here are my top 10 tips to keeping calm during pregnancy

Pregnancy bump keeping calm during pregnancy

1. Allocate time for yourself each day

Do something that your enjoy each day, that could be taking a warm bath, listening to some music, gently massaging your bump, meditation, what it is that makes you feel peaceful.

Lady on phone

2. Talk to others

Speaking to someone you trust and getting the things off your chest that are worrying you can make a huge difference. Talk about how you’re feeling to either a friend, family member or neighbour.

Pregnant lady stretching

3. Keep active

Exercise releases endorphins, which are vital in helping you feeling brighter. Pop onto YouTube and see if you can find specific pregnancy exercise classes online or take a short walk ensuing you don’t come into contact with others. Just try to make being active a part of your daily schedule. 

Lady keeping calm during pregnancy

4. Plenty of rest

If you’re exhausted it’s hard to feel calm or cheerful. Be sure to go to bed at a realistic time each night and if you feel the need for a mid-afternoon nap then take it!

Pregnant lady watching seagull

5. Ask for help

Pull in the help of others where you can, ask them to cook you meals or help with shopping. Family and friends are there to support you, so don’t feel anxious about asking for their help.

Cup of flowers

6. Be realistic

We’re all guilty of trying to carry on as normal, trying to do everything and continue as before pregnancy. Saying no to people can be difficult, but you need to prioritize yourself. The people around you will understand, don’t worry!

Pregnant lady eating fruit and keeping calm

7. Eat nutritious meals

Enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet with lots of variety. Keeping healthy and eating well will help you to stay well and your baby to grow and develop well.

Lady on laptop

8. Stay informed

If you’re worried about something contact your Midwife and talk through your worries, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Follow me: Katie Hilton MAM Midwife on Facebook, you can contact me at any time with your questions.

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9. Speak to other pregnant women

Sharing your feelings with other pregnant women going through the same experience as you can help you to feel less isolated. Search for local and national groups on Facebook and join these.

holding baby's hand

10. Focus on the positive

Make plans for the future, think about all the lovely things you’ll be doing with your baby and family and make plans for 12 months time.