May 21, 2024

Celebrating Earth Day in Lockdown

Naomi and her girls

By Naomi Saunders

A school teacher from Cornwall, and Mum to 2 beautiful little girls. Following a difficult experience feeding her second baby Naomi has become an advocate of Combination Feeding and works with MAM to raise awareness of parents right to choose their own path when it comes to feeding.

Bringing Nature into your Home

As the ever-present threat of Covid-19 leaves us with at least another 3 weeks stuck indoors, it seems we won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.  I know in my house it has at times started to feel claustrophobic, especially in the face of the lovely sunny weather and with our little explorers are unable to get outside.

Ruby and Lily Poo-Sticks

The importance of nature for children is beyond ‘fresh air to tire them out’, Children have a natural affinity with nature. Being in nature encourages healthy mental and physical development and instils abilities to assess risk as they grow. I have two girls who are totally wild at heart and have always thrived in the outdoors, they are used to spending even the rainiest of days in the woods or on the beach.

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day, when we celebrate this beautiful planet we live on, and reconnect with the nature all around us. Of course, in the current climate, connecting our children with nature is something we are not able to do, at least not in the ways we would like or usually would. Now is the time we need to be a little more creative and think outside the box. If we can’t take our children to the great outdoors, we need to bring the outdoors to them. You don’t need to be lucky enough to have a garden to do this. There are plenty of ways to allow nature into your home and even better these are all very low cost.

My Tips

Let The Light In

sunlight should not be underrated, the cheapest and most effective way to allow the beautiful elements into your home. Don’t block your windows with items or heavy curtains. Allow natural light to be part of your décor. Create a cosy reading corner for your little one by the window.

Relaxation & the Senses

It is in our nature to pine for the outdoors, relaxing can connect you with the nature and tune out the chaos of the world around you. Relaxation is necessary to protect our mental health and is reachable through a blend of simplicity and functionality. Use sounds of water, display calming landscapes on YouTube, create soft areas to lay in with bean bags, pillows and blankets. Light incense and candles, to bring the smell of your favorite outdoor space, in.

Earthy Décor

This can be created on a very small budget.  House plants, wildflowers and herb gardens are all easy to keep in the home, even for novice gardeners. If you still don’t believe you can keep them alive and like me find house plants seem to die off with no real warning or indication, then succulents are the perfect option. If all else fails even artificial plants can have a calming effect and boost our moods.

mam feel good glass bottles - upcycling

Kid Friendly Windowsill Gardens

Now that my girls have outgrown their MAM Feel Good glass bottles I’ve even upcycled some of them and transformed them into plant pots. You can do this with any number of empty household items, including empty tin cans, cut open plastic bottles and even an old mug/teacup. All you need is a bit of soil, and a packet of seeds – which you can even find at the supermarket. Not only is this a fun and educational activity but it also is something for your children to come back to day after day – watering their seedling and watching for growth. There is something very special about the look of awe and accomplishment on a child’s face as they watch their first plant grow.

Natural Ornaments

With Spring in the air and blossom on the trees it’s a good time to fill your home with natures ornaments by displaying stones, rocks, shells, driftwood and sticks, all of which can be picked up for free on your daily excursion outside. Present them as wall hangings and in jars, giving those beautifully calming earthy tones and using visual cues to reap those mental health benefits of nature.

Remember even one small change in your home can make a huge difference!

Stay safe and Stay Healthy.