July 6, 2022

Review: Night Time Routine with MAM Easy Start Bottles

Collaboration with Mumsnet.

Watch YouTuber and Mu’ma Hannah, from ”The Ayegbusi’s”, review the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles and discuss the impacts it has had on her family’s night time routine

One of the things that has switched our night time routine forever, as mentioned in the video is switching my youngest from breast to bottle. It’s freed me up mentally and physically. We use the MAM Easy Start Anti colic bottles. We have found that Timi favoured the mam bottle, he had an easier time sucking from the MAM bottle teat over the bottle we previously used.

MAM Bottle Teats are ideal for an easy switch between breast and bottle.

I recommend this bottle to any mum trying to combi feed their little one, it’s no wonder why this bottle was named Mumsnet Best Baby Bottle 2020.

MAM Woodland Set
MAM Woodland Set

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