July 15, 2024

The benefits of pregnancy yoga

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Pregnant?  Enjoy the benefits of pregnancy yoga!

Pregnancy is the perfect time to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Giving your unborn baby the best possible start in life is such a good incentive to eat well, and stay fit.  Maternity experts, including the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, recommend that all healthy pregnant women should aim for at least half an hour’s exercise on at least five days a week.

If you weren’t active before you became pregnant, yoga is a good way to introduce exercise into your life – it will improve your strength, flexibility and circulation, helping to prepare your body for the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga Bound Angle Illustration

And if you already exercise on a regular basis, it’s worth considering regular prenatal yoga sessions to enjoy the special benefits yoga provides for Mammas-to-be.

Pregnancy fitness experts FittaMamma say, ‘We love prenatal yoga and would always recommend it as a fantastic exercise for pregnant women.

‘You’ll find the breathing techniques you practise during a pregnancy yoga session are hugely beneficial, especially when it comes to managing the pain and discomfort of childbirth.

You don’t need to be super-fit or extra bendy to enjoy the benefits of yoga and it needs minimal equipment, just a yoga mat, a blanket and something comfortable and stretchy to wear.’

Pregnancy Yoga Triangle Illustration

Need any more reasons to introduce yoga into your life?

  • Studies have shown that women who practise yoga during pregnancy are less likely to develop high blood pressure or go into premature labour.
  • Many poses will help create more space in your pelvis for your baby and can help ease back pain and heartburn.
  • There are a number of poses that can assist or even speed up labour, easing your baby’s entry into the world – and help speed recovery after the birth as well.
  • Any exercise will encourage the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins, raising your mood and alleviating stress and anxiety
  • Many women find yoga promotes more restful sleep.
  • Joining a dedicated beginners prenatal yoga class is a great way to meet other Mammas-to-be.
  • If you can’t join a pregnancy yoga class find time to practise yoga at home – check out FittaMamma’s pregnancy yoga videos.

 Not sure what to wear?

Choose something comfortable, stretchy and supportive – the FittaMamma range of maternity fitnesswear is designed especially for pregnant women. Their Pregnancy Yoga Top will stretch when you stretch without riding up over your bump and their leggings will support your bump without falling down when you bend down.

Unroll your yoga mat and enjoy!