October 16, 2021

My Baby Show Experience

The London Baby Show

When I was invited to join MAM at the London Baby Show I was uncertain as to what I should expect. Throwing myself into a situation which led far beyond my usual comfort zone, I was more than a little dubious. But owing my combination feeding success to the MAM bottle ,

I knew I could not overlook an opportunity to share my journey with others.

MAM Baby Blogger Event

It was apparent that MAM’s presence at the baby show was by no means just about selling. Along with their products the stand included two midwives to discuss any topics ranging from latching on issues to night time feeding, a chance to book a one to one sessions for advice, demonstrations of products, a free bottle and an entire team that knew the thought processes behind each and every design.

Every person visiting MAM had a chance to get so much more than a purchase.

MAM Baby Blogger Event

Working with them for three days it was clear they want to support parents, encourage them to make informed decisions based on realistic and genuine advice. I chose to start writing, to campaign for more support around feeding choices – this is exactly what MAM are doing.

I was lucky enough to be able to talk on the stall to parents to be about the product that had made such a difference to me. I started every conversation with the same line ‘How are you planning to feed your baby?’ almost every women said to me ‘I want to do a bit of both’. The same question returning to me, why is combination feeding so under promoted? We could be helping women to breastfeed longer by listening to the reasons that rates are dropping. 

MAM Baby Blogger Event

This is a company that I want to invest my time in, a company that so obviously wants to invest it’s time in us.

I hope more organisations can start to work in this way, Look beyond just sales figures, to what’s actually important; parents and their needs.

The bloggers event gave me the chance to discuss how influential MAM bottles (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P) had been in my motherhood adventure and enabled me to meet other mums who had chosen to blog for MAM. It was evident a community of bloggers has begun to be built, mums from all over the country each with their own stories and opinions on the products.

MAM Baby Blogger Event

As I talked about my views on feeding and the little support available once needing to introduce a bottle, I was met with parents that heard my message clearly, the feedback was kind and appreciative. I believe this is because my thoughts are honest, realistic and relevant to any mum.

MAM Baby Blogger Event

If you have a strength or an interest consider if you could engage with MAM. Don’t hold back, get involved and be a part of a team that will show you nothing but encouragement. Pregnancy to product design there is a place for you in the MAM blogger community.

And if anyone ever asks you to do something out of your comfort zone. Just say YES.

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MAM Baby Easy Start Bottle

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