September 30, 2020

Mum to Mum Breastfeeding Advice

I don’t remember being quite so casual about my boobs before having kids. I mean, I was never a prude, but it does seem that I have become quite comfortable with whipping them out in public these days.

2in1 Single Breast Pump

2in1 Single Breast Pump

And more than happy to chat to anyone that’ll listen about all the leaky, lumpy, lop-sided of my breastfeeding experience so far. You see their role has changed, and transformed from any sexual significance that the media gives them and into essentially a pair of milk vessels to feed my baby.

Manual Pump

Manual Pump

The premise of having a mobile milk supply on-tap is reassuringly convenient. I’m actually feeding number 3 now as I write. And of course, there are the health benefits it serves for the both of us. But it can have its ups and downs – and it’s no wonder, with all our bodily bits going through so many changes post birth.

Following the sudden introduction to your new comedy-sized knockers you can expect all sorts of strange sensations. There’s the discomfort of your milk coming in for the first time; The tender and tingling nipples following an impressive few hours of cluster feeding.

The inward gasp of breath through gritted teeth as your milk lets-down and your boobs refill for the next feed (actually I didn’t really feel this with the first two. But boy, am I feeling it this time around).

And whilst I’m usually willing him to snooze at night so I can play catch-up on my own sleep, an extended nap for baby can leave me lying awake with hard and painful boobs that are full to bursting.

This, of course, is my own experience, and every mother sets off on their own feeding journey, whether it is by bottle  (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P), boob or both. But if any of the above sounds familiar, here are a couple of my best tips to comfort and help you

First off, the MAM Breast Pads is your secret weapon, so stock up. They are small and discreet and perfect to pop into your bra to soak up any oversupply. Soft and comfortable with a sticky fixing strip to hold it in place, you won’t even know they’re there.

Secondly, change your pads often. The inner core is fully absorbent and holds in any moisture but if you have sprung a leak, a pad saturated with breast milk can provide the perfect warm, dark and sugary environment for yeast to grow and could lead to infection.

A pack of MAM Breast Pads

MAM Breast Pads

And lastly, apply Lanolin to your nipples after each feed. This will help soothe and protect sore or cracked nipples. As I catch a glimpse of my inflated chest in the bathroom mirror, full of veins, one hung lower than the other and striped with stretch marks, I feel proud of my body and the job that it’s done.

Family in the background with the MAM 2in1 Electric Breast Pump on the Table in front of them.

MAM 2in1 Electric Breast Pump

If you are having difficulty with breastfeeding, you can speak privately on a one to one basis with our MAM Midwife Katie here. Breastfeeding just got easier with MAM. Find out more about the benefits of MAM Nipple Shields and how they offer protection against sore or cracked nipples whilst breastfeeding.