August 19, 2022

Dance your Worries Away with Babydance Rocks with Michelle

Babyrocks Dance Class

About BabyRocks Dance

I’m Michelle a mumma dancing her way through life at every given opportunity! It definitely makes it a lot more fun. BabyRocks Dance (Baby wearing Dance classes in the Surrey and West Sussex  area) in which we wear our little ones in slings or carriers and dance together. I set up this class was because I was so desperate to get dancing again after having my baby, but I didn’t want to leave her or feel guilty for leaving her to do something for myself. All the mummy fit classes I tried were too focused on exercise, and were missing the fun factor. I wanted to enjoy moving to music, not doing star jumps and burpees in a field. I even tried mummy yoga and pilates, where you put baby next to you but my baby was having none of it, and just wanted to be attached to me. So I thought… why can’t she be?

I had been baby wearing and often found myself dancing about in my kitchen trying to get her to sleep, which always worked a treat, the rocking and closeness to her mummy always soothed her. Surely others did this too, so why not make it an amazing experience where we can dance with our babies to real routines with feel good music and a great atmosphere!! And so BabyRocks was born.

The benefits the caregiver and baby get from this class are so special, great bonding time, fantastic feel good class, baby feels safe, secure and often falls asleep from the rocking motions, the caregiver gets their groove on, and an emotional release is produced. We dance our worries away. The best thing is we’re all in the same boat, going through the same things making memories and new friends.

Babyrocks Dance Class

The movements we use are gentle enough for baby and new mumma’s, especially formulated to help get you back into fitness. Why not share that experience with our young.

The benefits to baby wearing are huge, every baby loves cuddles and baby wearing is a glorious hands free cuddle. Some even say that babies who are worn cry less. They feel a lot calmer, and love hearing the rhythms of the wearers’ heartbeat. It gives the wearer confidence that their baby is so close, you are able to pick up on baby’s cues for being hungry or bored which makes baby feel more entrusted to you and reassured. Baby also learns from being so close to you, and is able to watch your facial expressions and hear your voice. Mothers who have suffered from postnatal depression have found baby wearing a useful way of bonding with baby and growing an amazing connection.

Baby wearing safety is very important and the T.I.C.K.S (tight, In view at all times, close enough to kiss, keep chin off chest and supported back) guidelines should always be followed. BabyRocks Dance was privileged to have one of the writers for T.I.C.K.S take part in our classes.

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