July 6, 2022

When it is Time to Begin Weaning?

Hitting important baby milestones

I have always found it exciting when my 2 little ones have hit those all-important baby milestones. Of course, all babies are unique and they reach them at varying stages of their development, but when they do hit them, it feels like a little pat on the back. A badge of achievement that says “Well done. You’re still on course Mama”.

Introducing them to solid foods for the first time felt like a big marker. Like they’d suddenly moved out of babyhood and into this kind-of age of independence I suppose. Back there for a moment I initially felt a slight buzz of freedom. I had broken from the regiment of the milk formula prep. No longer would I be tied to the kitchen 5 times a day to make up the daily bottles (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P). The day had arrived where our schedules would sync and she would slot seamlessly into family mealtimes.

Well, hmm, so it didn’t quite happen like this and I soon discovered that weaning brought with it a whole new routine. We started weaning at around 7 months with baby no.2. She has always been a milk guzzler so I deemed baby porridge a good place to start. Mixed with some of her usual formula milk I started by feeding her this for breakfast after her morning bottle (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P). On first attempt, her facial expression said it all. It is safe to say that this unexplored taste and texture wasn’t welcomed with any nuance of appreciation. For the first few days, only 1-2 spoonfuls were as far as we got. But gradually, this gloopy delicacy, alongside the process of being seated in the highchair for this additional tasting session, became a familiar occurrence.

MAM Baby Feeding

Before I knew it we were in our stride. The blender was out of the cupboard once again and instead of measuring baby milk powder into bottles, (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P) I was steaming and pureeing every vegetable I could think of and filling up my handy MAM Food Storage Pots with all kinds of recipes. Most of the initial tastings took a little getting used too and success came with varying degree. I distinctly remember the pureed Pumpkin being a somewhat unacceptable dish.

As the weeks rolled on I found that the time I was saving on making up formula feeds was now spent chained to the highchair in a desperate bid to get more in her mouth than down her front. And as the will for self-feeding took hold, introducing finger food became a revelation. I found that I could leave the house again with a packed lunch of cream cheese finger sandwiches and chopped fruit. She now loves the independence of using her MAM cutlery and Dipper Set to feed herself some of the messier dishes.

MAM Baby Cutlery

Yes, the laundry pile has got ever higher and I am often occupied during the interval between mealtimes, wiping and mopping up the remnants that have been flicked in every direction by my little foodie Jackson Pollock, but I do love to see her develop and learn.

Feeding Weaning
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