July 6, 2022

The Premium Soother for the Perfect Smile

The MAM Perfect

The MAM Perfect is an award winning premium soother closely developed with orthodontists and paediatric dentists. With your little ones mouth in mind, the soother was designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth.

The MAM Perfect is not your standard everyday soother. MAM Perfect’s ultra-thin neck makes it the thinnest and most flexible soother on the market.*

A soother teat comparison between a standard and MAM Perfect Soother

A comparison between MAM Perfect and a Standard Soother

Parents often ask their doctors about the drawbacks of non-nutritive sucking. Sucking is a natural need for babies and important for their development.

What babies suck on is important, soothers are a far better option than thumb sucking. The shape and material should support healthy tooth and jaw development– like the MAM Perfect.

MAM Baby using the MAM Perfect Soother

MAM Perfect Start Soother

Why the Perfect Soother?

The teat neck is 60% thinner and 4 times more flexible*

What does this mean for your little one? It will reduce the risk of misaligned teeth and minimise the risk of open bite and an increased overbite.

Dental expert’s state: the thinner and softer the teat neck, the less pressure there is on the baby’s jaw and teeth. Therefore, the MAM Perfect is recommended by experts.

A close up of the MAM Perfect Soother Teat.

The MAM Perfect Teat

MAM SkinSoft™ Silicone Teat

Why is this important? It is so soft and feels so familiar that is it accepted by 94%** of babies. The symmetric teat ensures that the soother always fits perfectly without putting pressure on gums or emerging baby teeth.

It is also the same material across the whole of the MAM soothers and bottles so no added confusion for your baby.

MAM baby using MAM Perfect Soother for 0+ Months

MAM Perfect Soother 0+ Months

It self-sterilises too!

Just like our Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle that can be self-sterilised, our soothers come already packaged in a sterilisable travel case, which is very handy for parents on the go. Simply fill with regular tap water, heat in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Did you know that our self-sterilising function on the soothers save up to 77% of CO2 – so make sure to not bin the packaging!

How to self-sterilise the mam soothers with the MAM Sterilising travel case.

MAM Perfect Sterilising Travel Case

Grow with MAM

What do we mean? The MAM Perfect Soother is available in 4 different sizes: 0-2, 0+, 6+ and 12+ months, to suit whichever stage your baby is at.

The MAM Perfect Age Range

The MAM Perfect Age Range

Glow in the Dark

There is also a Night version of the MAM Perfect too! This has a button that glows extra bright in the dark, making this easier for parents and your little one to find. Which means less disturbance at night and more peaceful sleeps for you and baby.

MAM Baby using a MAM Perfect Night Soother for 6+ months

MAM Perfect Night Soother 6+ Months

The MAM Perfect Soother is the best in its category for offering an innovative teat which is thinner and more flexible. Reassuring for parents looking for a premium soother option. Clinically proven to support healthy tooth and jaw development** – not to mention the designs are on trend!

MAM Baby using the MAM Perfect Night Soother

MAM Perfect Night 6+ Soother

*On average: Between 32% – 83% thinner/ 1.1 – 19.5 times more flexible than regular silicone soothers.

**Market Research: 2010-2018, tested with 1,383 babies.

**Y. Wagner, R. Heinrich-Weltzien, “Effect of a thin-neck pacifier on primary dentition: a randomized controlled trial”, Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research, Volume 19, Issue 3, pages 127-136, August 2016.

Scientific reports from the Wild Hi-Precision institute have verified that the MAM Perfect’s teat neck is on average 60% thinner than conventional soothers. Tests carried out by the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna confirm that it is on average 4 times more flexible than comparable soothers. (Between 32% and 83% thinner / 1.1 – 19.5 times more flexible than regular silicone soothers).

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