July 6, 2022

Reduce the risk of misaligned teeth with the Perfect Soother

Sucking is a natural instinct and important for babies.

Experts, therefore, recommend soothers. Yet many soothers are too thick and hard. They literally put too much pressure on the teeth and jaw. This can lead to misalignments, which might result in poor positioning of the permanent teeth.

All MAM soothers incorporate these scientific findings. In cooperation with renowned dentists and paediatricians from leading international institutions MAM has successfully taken further, big innovative steps: the MAM Perfect:

  • Thanks to Dento-Flex® the teat neck is 60% thinner and 4 times softer.*
  • Teeth, therefore, have more room to grow and the risk of misalignment is reduced.

Dr Yvonne Wagner, Dentist at the Jena University Clinic (G): “Baby teeth are place holders for the following, permanent teeth. During the dental development phase, parents should pay special attention to choosing the
proper soother.”

MAM Perfect: 60% thinner, 4 times softer*

  • The MAM Perfect teat neck is the thinnest available (37 models in 3 testing groups in comparison).
  • The teat is softer and more adaptable than that of any other soother tested (37 models in 3 testing groups in comparison).

Clinically proven – why a thin teat neck is important:

A study at the Department of Paediatrics in the Regional Hospital Leoben (A) shows: with standard soothers the distance between upper and the lower jaw is approximately twice as large as with the MAM Perfect.


Baby’s teeth get the best possible contact. In this way, the risk of misaligned teeth can likely be reduced.

The study director Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kerbl: “The jaw spacing with the new soother and its especially slim neck and soft material is significantly closer. We can show this with an ultrasound examination.”

MAM Perfect: Adaptable like no other tested soother.

The teat is softer and more adaptable than that of any other soother tested (37 models in 3 testing groups in comparison).

Why a thin teat neck is important:

  • If the soother takes up too much space in the mouth or too much effort is required to move the teat, misaligned teeth can be the result.
  • The MAM Perfect adapts itself without harmful effort on baby’s part and leaves enough room for healthy dental development. Experts confirm: 95% of 220 interviewed dental experts confirm the MAM Perfect’s expected positive effect.**

The study director Prof. Dr. H. P. Bantleon, Dental University Clinic of Vienna: “In my opinion, the MAM Perfect is the tooth-friendliest of all the soothers tested.”

MAM Perfect: Safe choice for healthy teeth.

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