July 6, 2022

Pregnancy Weeks 12-16: First Glimpse of our Baby

2nd Trimester

I’ve somehow sailed into the second trimester already. Any worries I had about having a third have started to subside and I’m feeling really excited. I literally have these moments of exhilaration. Kind of ‘pinch myself’ moments when I suddenly remember I’m pregnant and realise just how lucky we are. Rewind to 4 years ago and we were desperately trying for a baby. I even began to wonder if it would ever happen – and here we are.

Lady in Clothes Shop with Red Dress

So we’re off to the hospital for the first scan. Is this the one where I have to drink loads of water? I can’t remember. Checking the letter that was sent from the hospital, it’s amazing how much you forget, yes it is. I get drinking and take a bottle of water with me to top up when I get there. I’ll be dying for the loo otherwise. Whilst I’m here I will also have my blood taken to check for various viruses and infections that could affect or be passed onto baby.

I am soon called into one of the sonographer’s rooms. It is small, dark and very familiar – I have been in here a few times now. The sonographer starts to explain what she is looking for on the scan whilst I hoist myself up onto the bed. I pull up my top and wriggle into a comfortable position as she applies the cold gel. They always seem to apologise for the gel being cold, but I never mind. It’s not that cold, and besides, I always seem to feel hot in these situations.

Pregnant Lady with Pregnancy Scan

In an instant an image of my insides appear on the screen in front of me. I am nervous. I tense up and I think I’m holding my breath. I hang on her every word until she says

“There it is. There’s the heartbeat”…

Ah, the relief. I relax and ‘ooh and aww’ over the images of our unborn baby. But baby isn’t playing ball today. And we can’t seem to get the positioning right to take the measurements. We try all sorts to move baby – emptying my bladder, rocking my hips from side to side. But nope, still no luck.

The lady suggests that I go for a little walk around the hospital and maybe have something sweet to drink to see if we can shift things. After a little stroll outside I start pacing the length of the waiting area. When I am called back in, baby has moved just enough for all the checks to be completed. But we don’t leave without those all-important print-outs. The visual evidence that this is really happening – again!

Lady Drinking Water

So far we haven’t told anyone our news. Well, except a waitress in a restaurant the other day. We wanted to wait until we were out of the danger zone. With the chance of a miscarriage much lower now, we start to think about how to break the news to our family.

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1st Trimester Pregnancy
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