August 19, 2022

Enjoy Christmas during Pregnancy

Our top 10 tips for surviving Christmas if you are expecting

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to opt out of Christmas; you can still enjoy it as much as you always have.

We asked our Expert Midwife & Health Visitor Katie Hilton to give us her top 10 tips of surviving Christmas if you are expecting.

Switch Drinks

There is no way to know exactly how much alcohol is safe during pregnancy. So the Department of Health advise you don’t drink at all during pregnancy.

This is especially important during the first trimester. If you do decide to have a drink after the first trimester, be sure to limit it to no more than 1-2 units once or twice per week.

Eat Little and Often

Eat smaller meals; this will give your body chance to digest everything possible. This will mean you’ll be able to enjoy all the delicious festive foods without the pain of indigestion or heartburn.

You may also find some of the richer festive foods such as mince pies and Christmas pudding sit heavy in your stomach and contribute to indigestion.

Get Some Exercise

If you’re finding a hectic schedule is getting the better of you and you’re finding yourself tense then take some time out. If you can get some exercise, it won’t just help you feel brighter and more relaxed, it will also help you to stay in shape ready for labour and birth.

Pace Yourself

Christmas is always a hectic time and tiredness in pregnancy is a common problem. Try to plan ahead as much as possible and lower your expectations. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the perfect gift this year. Don’t put yourself under pressure to rush around at work and at home.

Take Time Out

You need to take regular breaks if you are going to get through the Christmas madness. Put your feet up and download that film you’ve been meaning to watch or catch up on your favourite blogs.

Or why not start that book you’ve been intending to read? Remember, it is a holiday, so it’s fine to pamper yourself.

Go Easy on the Christmas Shopping

Being on your feet for long periods is tiring. If you enjoy the Christmas shopping experience by browsing for yourself in stores, do your research online and have a clear list before heading out. Also, do all your grocery shopping online in time to get what you want.

Catch Up on Sleep

If this is your first pregnancy, allow yourself the luxury of some long lie-ins. Many women feel very tired during pregnancy, so rest when you can. Next year, when your baby’s here, lie-ins won’t be so easy to come by!

Accept Help

Let someone else peel the sprouts, vacuum the living room or load the dishwasher, if they offer to help. And if you have visitors at Christmas, make sure they do their share. You may find it hard to ask for or accept help, but do try. You are going to need help when your baby’s born, so get in practice now!

Drink Plenty

It’s easy to forget to keep your fluid levels topped up when you’re rushing around or are out of your usual routine. Make sure you always have some water to hand.

Be Prepared

Make sure you know who to call if you become worried about anything over the holidays. If you haven’t already, add the numbers of your Midwife, GP and the local maternity ward to your phone contact list. Make sure your partner has done the same.

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