May 22, 2022

Teething Trouble: Tricks & Tips

Georgia Drew

By For You Mummas

I’m Georgia, a first time Mum to 11 month old Ella. Originally my blog writing started as something to feel productive and to keep me from sitting in my comfy’s on the sofa whenever my little one was having a nap. It’s now transformed into creating my own site foryoumummas and instagram page in the hope to help other mums with tips and hacks that I’ve learnt along the way through my own pregnancy and motherhood experiences. 

“A Teething Baby Is So Much Fun…”

…said no Mum ever!

Teething, that gnawing subject I think all mums end up discussing at some point during their baby’s first year. It’s a bit like when you discover your pregnancy, you’re not sure how your body is going to react and you’ve heard of the completely contrasting experiences of other women; the same goes for your little one and their toothy pegs.

Some babies are absolutely fine and teething doesn’t really phase them at all. Whereas others can really struggle and be “moody little moos” on every tooth that cuts through.

Don’t you think it’s funny how all these teeth come through causing your babies to have sleepless nights, go off their food, be fussy and irritable with everything you do; only for them to fall out again when they get their adult teeth?

MAM Cooler
MAM Cooler

Touch wood, Ella hasn’t been too bad and currently has 4 teeth (2 bottom and 2 top). Sometimes she has a bad week where she’s showing all the signs I mentioned above and we’re convinced a tooth is on it’s way and then it doesn’t show for ages!

Teething Relief Tips:

Some tips we have found to have helped during these “fun” times are listed below:

  • Place some teething toys in the refrigerator and give them to your baby throughout the day to chew and suck on. We use the MAM Bite & Brush Teether.
  • Ashton and Parsons teething powder! I know this doesn’t work for everyone but this has been a godsend for us, up to one sachet of this at a time and Ella becomes so much more settled and less irritated, especially before bed!
  • If your baby is above 6 months or started the weaning process then a nice cold piece of cucumber or strawberry for them to hold and chew on gives them that lovely relief.
  • Ice lollies are my friend! We fill these with water, fruit or yoghurt and Ella absolutely loves the coldness on her gums.
  • Lastly if your baby wants more milk, let them! Ella tends to go off her food and prefers some cold milk when her gums are hurting so on these days I just let her have milk whenever really!

So there we go, a few of my top teething tips. I hope this helps any parents out there struggling with the troubles of teething.

If you have any questions about teething why not Ask Our Midwife or consider joining our Parenting Support Group

The MAM Cooler

MAM cooler
MAM Cooler

For soothing relief the MAM designers have developed a teether that not only cools, but also looks cool. The MAM Cooler massages, relaxes and soothes – that way babies can continue enjoying discovery. The Water filled cooling element, with its unique shape reaches back teeth perfectly whilst cooling & calming your little one.

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