July 6, 2022

Spot the signs your baby is teething!

It’s here. The dreaded teething phase has arrived.

We are smack bang in the middle of it. The celebrations of our baby sleeping through the night were short lived. This is definitely one club I would have preferred not to line up for. Before the “ow, was that just a bite” stage, there were a number of signs I noticed which made me realised we were in the teething phase. I’ve compiled these into the list below:

Trying to bite, chew and such everything

Your baby has started to gnaw on everything – even your fingers – like she’s a great white shark.

Rosy cheeks

Your little one looks like she’s taken to her cheeks with your most expensive red lipstick.

Disturbed sleep

Coffee cannot fix the type of tired you’ve started to feel as your baby wakes numerous times a night. Don’t worry, as the saying goes “Mothers are basically part of a scientific experiment to prove that sleep in not a crucial part of human life”.

Drool. Lots of it!

Your baby is going through bibs like they are going out of fashion. Seriously, how many bibs can one baby go through in a single day? Your shoulders are now also constantly covered in wet patches.

MAM Baby Soother


Your sweet calm baby has turned into a little monster. The slightest thing will set her off, and she only seems happy if cuddled.

Ear tugging

You’ve started to genuinely worry that your child might start to look like the Disney character – Dumbo the elephant – with the strength and fury she pull at her ears.

Swollen gums

Your baby seems to be sporting swollen red gums, and only gains relief if you rub your finger over them. Remember though, she has turned into a great white shark. Be warned!

Refusal to feed

Your baby has turned into a complete fuss pot with feedings. Yes, your cranky baby may yearn to be soothed by something in their mouth – yet the suction of feeding may make their gums feel worse.

Teething reflief

MAM Teether Friends – the perfect toy for all stages of teething

MAM have developed a range of MAM Teether Friends that are not only perfect for teething, but also address babies’ sensory development by stimulating hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The three MAM Teether Friends are:

  • Lucy the Snail (2 months+)
  • Max the Frog (4 months+)
  • Ellie the Bee (4 months+)
  • Bob the Turtle (5 months+)

Lottie, my daughter, has used all three teethers at different stages of development – with great success. They are seriously cute! I love turtles, so Bob is by far my favourite and it seems my daughter is destined to love turtles also.

You’ll often find her asleep in her pram holding BOB. Oh, and hot tip – these friends also make great entertainment when your baby is in their high-chair.

MAM Baby

What I like most about these teethers is they are handmade, so all unique in colour and size, and made of natural rubber. MAM have even won a CSR award for outstanding working conditions so the products are good for everyone – babies and manufacturers.

We are definitely onto a winner with these teethers – 100% safe for babies and completely BPA free.

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