September 26, 2021

Calculate your CO2 Saving with MAM!

MAM’s sustainability and yours

As a family business committed to the well being of babies, MAM has always operated sustainably. We work for babies! That is why we put so much care and detail into every action and decision we make. Babies are the next generation and what could be more sustainable than working for their health and safety?

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MAM’s first sustainability report was created in 2013 based on a detailed and highly professional survey of different MAM partners with regard to their expectations.  The results: As expected, health, product safety and environmentally friendly production processes are key criteria.

Resource Awareness: CO2 footprint and reusable packaging

MAM Baby Self Sterilising Bottle

We have evaluated the carbon footprint of the MAM Anti Colic Bottle. We found that the production and disposal phase show relatively low CO2 values, and the products carbon footprint is driven primarily in usage, with heating , cleaning and sterilising being the largest component.

The good news is that MAM users can make a considerable contribution towards climate protection by choosing to use the self sterilising function of the Anti Colic Bottle. This saves 48% CO2 versus electric sterilising and 85% versus boiling water sterilisation.

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In addition, using the steriliser box that all MAM soothers come with also saves up to 56% CO2 versus electric sterilising and 77% versus boiling water sterilisation.

MAM Baby Self Sterilising Bottle

A sound environment is important for our children’s future. At MAM, we are mindful of our consumption of water and energy, and are as careful and efficient as possible in our use of commodities and materials. The way in which we produce, package and transport our products is recorded in our CSR report, which is published every two years.


*Carried out by denkstatt GmbH Vienna (

The calculation of the CO2 footprint takes account of:

  • Production and supply of the raw materials used
  • Materials and consumables
  • Transport routes by HGV, train, ship or aeroplane
  • Effects that produce greenhouse gases due to warming, cleaning, sterilisation
  • Recycling and/or disposal

Assuming daily use and cleaning and sterilisation over six months, the following quantity of CO2 is produced:

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