August 19, 2022

Top Tips for Dad to Bond with Baby

The relationship between both mum and dad is something special. We asked Katie Hilton, MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor to give us her top tips on how dad and baby can help to develop that close bond.

Skin to Skin

Babies are at their happiest when lying skin to skin with either mum or dad. Their temperature, heart rate and breathing are more relaxed and blood sugar will also become more stable. It also allows your baby to become familiar with your scent and the sounds of your heartbeat, which provides a soothing effect. Spend time doing skin to skin when simply lying on the bed, lounging on the sofa or watching TV (just be careful not to fall asleep with baby).

Baby Lying on Dad

Let’s Get Interactive

Play games, read story books, make silly faces or play peek-a-boo and sing songs to your baby. Set aside regular time to be with your baby, whether this is in the morning or after work. As your little one grows this special bonding time will become part of your daily routine.

Dad Playing with Baby

Feeding Time

After the initial 4-6 weeks of establishing breastfeeding has passed mum will be able to express breastmilk for dad to become involved in feeding. Just be sure to use a bottle (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P) with a teat which allows baby to use the same technique as feeding at the breast to reduce the risk of confusion. The MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P) works well for combination feeding and allows baby to use this same technique.

MAM Baby Milk Storage Solution

Take Charge

Start to develop your own methods when looking after your little one. Rather than letting mum show you what to do, take charge of situations and you’ll discover your own techniques to take care of your baby.

Keep Moving

Babies like movement, mainly because they were constantly on the move in the uterus during pregnancy. They feel comforted and soothed by movement. Try carrying your baby around the house, holding in a sling or playing on the floor, getting your baby moving is great for bonding.

Baby Taking First steps with Dad Holding Hands

Learn to Massage

Why not take charge of bath time in the evening after work. To make this experience even more special, why not try learning the basics of baby massage techniques and spend some time massaging your baby after a bath. This will also help your baby to relax and hopefully sleep more soundly at night.

Baby Yoga Diagram

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