May 18, 2022

Dropping the bottle

Making the transition from bottle to cup

Both my daughters have been avid milk drinkers, far beyond the stage of weaning.

I introduced a sippy cup with my second daughter from 5 months. She loves drinking water and likes to have a drink near her at all times. However, I can’t escape the fact that a bedtime bottle of milk was still ‘a must-have’ in my household, the only thing which would coax my daughter, now 15 months, into nodding off.

However, it’s been important to me that I make the switch much sooner than I did for my first daughter. Ruby was nearly 4 years old when I finally took the bottle away at night. After a lot of cajoling and some creative parenting, she finally ditched the bedtime bottle – far later than she ever should have. Embarrassingly, a couple of months later we attended the dentist and she needed a filling.  We had always prided ourselves on looking after her teeth, so naturally, we were mortified. The dentist explained it had been milk damage from the bottle – hence the importance of making that transition quicker second time round.

Drinking milk from a bottle beyond the guidelines can damage current and future teeth. Baby bottle tooth decay is the result of milk clinging to babies’ teeth for a long time, increasing the risk of dental problems.

I wanted to make the transition as easy as possible, dropping the bottle was a huge step for my little milk monster. The 2-in-1 Trainer Cup offered a solution to the easy transition I was hoping for. I was first able to offer the trainer cup with the usual fast flow teat I used on my MAM bottles; the cup even has handles so babies are able to drink from it independently. I used this for a number of nights, helping her to become familiar with the new ‘bottle’. The magical part comes next: I was able to change the teat for the cleverly designed extra soft spout, changing it from a bottle to a cup. Far less cajoling then the first time round and almost no fuss dropping that final bottle. I could not be prouder of my little girl, a transition which has been stress-free and easy thanks to this product. The move from the bottle has ‘freed’ her from her dependence on milk to fall asleep. She now has a few sips of milk before bed downstairs, from the trainer cup, and nods off without it.

If you have yourself an avid milk drinker, like me, I cannot recommend this product enough. Baby teeth may be temporary, but they are important for smiling, chewing and speaking. I can’t deny how comforting milk is at bedtime, but nothing beats that cheeky grin.


  • Lots of praise and encouragement for the cup
  • Keep bottles out of sight
  • Start with your usual MAM bottle teat while your baby gets used to the new cup and then switch.
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