July 6, 2022

10 signs your baby is turning into a toddler

Amelia Mae and son Arlo

By Amelia Mae Cunningham

Blogger and Freelance Writer, talking honestly about motherhood and family life. After finding out she was pregnant in her final year of uni Amelia set up her own blog where she shares her experiences – we’re thrilled to be working with her

How Time Flies

I probably speak for a lot of first-time mums when I say that one day my tiny newborn was cooing and gurgling on his back, the next he was following me into the toilet. There certainly wasn’t any preparing for it, and now it’s happening, you just have to sort of go with it!

Although there’s nothing better than seeing my mini-me bloom right before my eyes, I can’t help but think, time, please slow down. Like with every development stage (that as a mother you frantically search the internet about) there is no harm in checking for the signs.

Here I share a few that will give you all the confirmation you need that your baby is entering “Toddlerhood!”

1. Handing you back food they don’t like

It can be pretty frustrating when you’ve cooked something only to have him hand it straight back. Your child will usually take it straight out of his mouth, hand it back as if to say “no thanks, I’m good.” On the upside, it’s great that you’re little one is discovering what they do and don’t like.

2. Reaching for anything and everything

You have to have eyes at the back of your head as your little one is now doing his best job of getting up on his tiptoes and grabbing anything within his reach.

3. Was that a tantrum?

Did his cry sound a bit more like a scream? Did he arch his back? Or maybe he threw himself onto the floor? Although quite shocking and tricky to deal with, it’s perfectly normal in toddlers. Take a look at this article on What to do when your toddler is having a tantrum for tips.

4. It’s a game of opposites

Door open, your child will shut it. TV on, your child will turn it off, It’s like a little game which can be entertaining for the both of you, until something actually needs to stay on, like the washing machine!

5. Strange item requests

You have started to give in to your child’s strange requests, just to keep them happy. This usually happens while he is out in the buggy and after throwing out all of his own toys, you might find yourself reaching into your bag and offering him your phone keys, or even purse, just to keep his little hands occupied!

6. They want to break free

Gone are the days where your baby would lay happily in his rocker or bounce in his bouncer. Whether it be his highchair which he’s now itching to get out the moment his finished or his playpen which he tries climbing out of all the time, it can be quite a challenge getting your child to stay in one place.

7. Run, baby, run

He might quickly decide walking isn’t for him and running is more fun. Being a parent is exhausting, but you might find yourself even more tired from chasing after a surprisingly quick toddler.


8. All hands on deck

Babies tend to explore everything through their mouth and although your child may still do that, waving goodbye, pointing at things, picking things up and throwing things are usually his go-to gestures now. He’s suddenly so much more hands-on.

9. You are soaked at bath time

Splashing and throwing toys out of the bath is his new favourite thing to do and you and the bathroom floor are soaked by the time bath time is over.

Baby in bath

It can be quite overwhelming seeing your child gain this new sense of independence, wanting to do everything for himself, and making one big mess along the way. But the most amazing feeling is seeing your child express himself in ways that he couldn’t before. His character is shining through a little more each day, and how special it is to watch and no matter how big he gets he’ll always be your baby.

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