July 6, 2022

What Exactly Is Double Pumping?

Did you know that using a double pump can be more effective than using a single pump?

And did you know it’s the best way to maximise the amount of milk you express in one pumping session? Perhaps you have a baby born prematurely, or you’re expecting twins, or going back to work soon or simply need to increase your milk supply, double pumping is the best way to really boost your supply so you can have plenty of breastmilk to offer your baby and supply in the fridge or freezer. We asked MAM Expert Midwife and Health Visitor to talk to us about exactly what is double pumping and how you can get started.

MAM baby Double Breast Pump
The new double breast pump

Whilst it’s probably totally obvious that double pumping will produce more milk and saves on time, research[1] has actually shown that when a mother is double pumping she actually produces more milk from each breast than when single pumping, this is thought to be because there is an increased level of oxytocin circulating in the body, which causes a more forceful let-down process. All of this is great news if you need to pump a substantial supply or breastmilk or really boost your supply.

Before pumping select a location where you will feel comfortable, ensure you’re sitting up straight and your back is well supported with cushions. Make sure you have everything you could possibly need for the next 30 minutes nearby including a drink, it’s important to stay well hydrated when breastfeeding and particularly when pumping as dehydration can lead to reduced milk supply. 

When using a double pump it can save significantly on time, which is particularly useful for a working mother or if you’re pumping for twins. If you are returning to work it’s important to start pumping a couple of months before to start to boost your milk supply and to start to build up a stock of breastmilk in the freezer, which you then easily hand over to your baby’s caregiver whilst you’re apart. Pick a time of day that you know will fit in with your daily routine and pump at the same time each day so that your body gets the message that it needs to make more milk at that particular time of day.

So, you’ve decided you want to double pump – but which breast pump should you buy? MAM offers a 2-in-1 solution which enables you to switch between both manual and electric pumping, which is particularly useful for those times you might be a little engorged or if you’re away from baby for a short time. The double pump can also be used in single mode as and when needed. This pump is great for both home and on the go, it’s super-efficient and quiet, which allows for discrete pumping, regardless of where you might be. Because we know each woman is different and there might be times when one breast might be feeling a little tender, the pump enables you to have different pressure settings on each breast. There is also an alternate setting, which switches between breasts at 30-second intervals, this setting is particularly useful for those times when milk supply is a little low and needs a boost.

The Double Pump can be purchased here

MAM Baby The storage solution
The storage solution

If you have any additional questions about double-pumping or your struggling with breastfeeding don’t forget you can reach out to Katie Hilton, our MAM Midwife and Health Visitor for expert advice through Facebook and our website. Katie is also available for FREE 1:1 consultations via telephone or Skype, to book simply visit the link on our Facebook page to book your appointment time.

[1] Breastfeeding & Human Lactation. Wambach, K and Riordan, J. (2015).