July 6, 2022

The Benefits of Double Pumping

Let’s be honest here, using a breast pump to express milk can take a lot of time.

It requires lots of perseverance and a commitment to put aside time each day for pumping. If you’re serious about pumping and need to pump breastmilk say for twins, returning to work or for a premature baby then you might want to consider double-pumping. Whilst you can, of course, use a manual or a single electric pump, double pumping can be the most efficient way of pumping milk from both breasts at the same time, giving you additional milk to store in the freezer for a later date. We asked Katie Hilton, MAM Expert Midwife and Health Visitor to share the benefits of double pumping.

MAM baby Double Breast Pump
The new double breast pump


Double pumping can reduce the time spent expressing breastmilk by 50%. If you have a newborn baby you’ll be running short on time and before you know it the day has completely disappeared. You might not want to allocate lots of time during the day pumping, particularly if you have other things to do, you’re meeting up with friends or also taking care of another child. Using a double pump will enable you to effectively pump for two feeds in one pumping session, cutting your time pumping in half.

Multiple Uses!

If you want to start pumping so your partner, friend or family member wants to feed baby, but you also need to start building up a supply of breastmilk in the freezer then you’ll be able to easily achieve both in one pumping session. One bottle can be for your partner to re-heat later in the day, whilst the storage pot can go straight into the freezer for use at a later date.

MAM Baby Anti Colic Bottle

Lots of High Energy Milk!

Using a double pump has been shown to stimulate an additional let down reflex within the breast, this means that you can express up to 18%[1] more milk in just one pumping session. Because more milk is being removed from the breast this means that the expressed milk has a higher fat content than what would be pumped in a single pumping session, this higher fat milk also has a higher energy content, which is great to boost weight gain in your baby.


MAM Baby Double Breast Pump with lady reading tablet
The new Double Breast Pump is hands-free!

When using a double pump you can easily pump hands-free, simply invest in a double pumping bra and away you go. This gives you the ability to multi-task whilst pumping, you can read a book, play with your toddler or just lay back and take some time out for yourself.

If you have any additional questions about double-pumping or your struggling with breastfeeding don’t forget you can reach out to Katie Hilton, our MAM Midwife and Health Visitor for expert advice through Facebook and our website. Katie is also available for FREE 1:1 consultations via telephone or Skype, to book simply visit the link on our Facebook page to book your appointment time.

[1] Breastfeeding & Human Lactation. Wambach, K and Riordan, J. (2015).