May 19, 2022

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles Review | Little Darlings & ME

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A Quick Introduction – The Fayre Family

I have always been a massive fan of MAM products. Especially the bottles. Using them with my previous babies, they certainly are my go-to favourites. Having Lilah, I made the decision to breastfeed longer than I previously had done with my other children. I always find feeding such a special time. Time for you to spend one on one time with your little one. However, breastfeeding does limit the chance for dad to get that opportunity. I can’t speak for all dads, but I know it’s something my husband misses when it’s just me feeding. So we got some of the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle (named Mumsnet Best Baby Bottle 2020) ready for me to express and allow daddy to be involved too. These first size bottles have a 0+ teat which is extra slow so it is perfect for those newborn days. Lilah is actually 7 weeks old so we found changing to the 1+ teat was a lot better for her age.

MAM bottle

The Bottle

Anti Colic system –

There is a valve at the base of the bottle which prevents bubbles from forming, creating a smooth flow of liquid for baby. This prevents them from swallowing air and reduces colic.  Unique ventilated base reduces colic in 80% of babies who use it and provides a more relaxed feeding experience.

Self sterilising –

Now this is the feature that prompted me in the past to purchase the bottles. I absolutely love this feature of the bottles. You can sterilise anywhere there is a microwave and it only takes 3 minutes – so quick and easy. Not only is it super handy, it’s good for the environment, saving up to 48% energy & CO2. That’s a big thumbs up from me.

MAM bottle
MAM bottle

Teat design –

The SkinSoft™ silicone teat makes these bottles ideal for combining breastfeeding with bottle. The flat shape teat simulates the mother’s nipple when feeding, making it a familiar feeling for baby and fitting perfectly in babies mouth. I have swapped from breastfeeding to these bottles in the past and have never once had any issue with a baby rejecting the bottle. They all just took instantly to the bottles – it’s definitely another reason why I’ve gone back so many times.

MAM bottle teat
MAM bottle

Overall bottle design –

I’ve always been a big fan of these bottles for all the practical reasons, but I also love how they look. I love the fun designs that they have on them. The easy start comes in a lovely neutral white. The fun sea creature designs on the new bottles are my favourite to date and I love the turtle on the easy start bottles so much. The larger size bottles come in different colours like blue, grey and pink and all with different fun designs on.

MAM bottle

What is combination feeding?

Combination feeding is when you offer bottles of expressed breast milk or formula alongside breastfeeding.

Is it right for me?

There are plenty of reasons why a mother may decide that combination feeding is the way forward for her. They may, like me, want to involve both parents in the feeding process. Or they might be going back to work, finding breastfeeding too demanding or simply wanting to start bottle feeding. Whatever the reason, every single one is perfectly valid and is a personal choice. Making the choice to combine feed can allow women to breastfeed for longer. There is absolutely no shame in wanting to give a bottle for whatever reason you may have. As long as baby is getting what they need, everything is all good. Fed is best.

Man feeding young baby

Giving Lilah a bottle

My Experience

After almost 7 weeks of exclusively breastfeeding, minus her having the tube feeding in hospital briefly, giving her a bottle was a new step for us. And although I knew my other children all took to these bottles straight away, every child is different and Lilah is, let’s say our ‘different‘ baby, in the nicest way possible. She’s struggled with a lot of things that my other babies found easy. But she took to the bottle perfectly. I did change the teat up a size from 0+ to 1+ as she is older than newborn and it was a bit slow for her but with that flow she was feeding from daddy finally.

Getting Everyone Involved

Being a large family and also having two very young children, the demand for attention in my home is high. We have made the decision to start combination feeding Lilah now. This option for us is allowing me to still be able to give Lilah my milk but also freeing up a bit more of my time for the other children. My eldest two boys can be involved and absolutely love feeding their sister. In all honesty, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I don’t have so much pressure on myself now. Lilah has recently had a CMPA diagnosis and we may need to make the switch to medicated formula. The fact that she has taken to the bottle so well has put me at ease knowing that we will have no issues with her not wanting to take her feeds. We have the bigger size bottles ready for when Lilah is a bit bigger and needs more milk and a faster flow teat.

For us as a family, combination feeding has been a godsend. Every family is different and does what is right and best for them. It’s your story, no one else’s, so always make sure you stay the author.

MAM Woodland Set
MAM Woodland Set

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