September 26, 2021

Twitter, Boobs and Advertisements

The breastfeeding debate

I recently decided to sign myself up to Twitter, around the time of National Breastfeeding week. The highly debated, controversial topic was and still is provoking some interesting discussion and sometimes productive posts. As a mother that is openly supportive of all methods of feeding the variety of views across social media raise mix feelings for me . Each day my screen was permeated with pictures of mother’s breastfeeding from all around the world. Their beauty undeniable. Inspiring stories and women sharing encouraging words. But behind this artistry formula bashing, as always, seems to rear its head.

Lady with Baby in Neckerchief

Some of the comments I read and continue to read are disappointing and tiring. Many believing the voice of a bottle fed mother should be silenced purely because of a title of a week.Unfortunately the week by some continues to be used as a platform to but others down. Bottle feeding women being told

‘this is not their time’

Well please someone tell me when is their time? Should the time not be for everyone?

Mum Playing with Baby in Woolly Hat

It appears there is a fine line between raising the profile of breastfeeding and using the title of a breastfeeding mother to feel superior to those who are not for many years formula milk as have C- sections have saved the lives of thousands of babies. But still they are being shamed with back handed comments that dismiss their importance. These methods of medical intervention in some cases are deemed as an act of laziness or not fulfilling your role as mother quite as much as you could be. Views like these have the potential to be so devastating and damaging.

Baby in Striped Baby Grow

One advertisement that recently caught my eye:

‘A supportive partner is needed for successful breast feeding’

what kind of message does this send out to the mothers that are bottle feeding and struggling with lack of support with their partner? She is not worthy of a helping hand, or maybe it’s not quite as deserved as she has not breastfed. What kind of message does it send to a first time dad preparing for his child to be born, if his partner does not breastfeed his help is not required? Feeding does not define the type of mothers we are but social media posts are often categorising mums in this way. Posts that discuss issues such as support should be relating to everyone.

Baby Outside Eating

Whilst I strongly agree not everything is meant as a negative but as someone that is pushing for more support I analyse posts from all perceptions- my own situation, the mother who breastfeeds, the mother who bottle feeds, the mother whose baby was too poorly for her to pick her first choice of feeding. Should campaigns consider the plethora of reasons too?

Baby Being Kissed By Young Girl with Ice-cream

It is sad to see that some product companies use the vulnerability of mothers to push their products.

‘In order to feed successfully you must buy the following item’.

Their power to be influential should be used to give informative and realistic information such as ‘how to cope when returning to work’ or a guide in how to pick a method of feeding that suits your lifestyle. Whilst I can’t deny MAM products have truly helped my feeding journey to be everything I could have hoped for. Their support from day one and interest in my discussions about the lack of information available has been refreshing. A company that exudes a very unique passion and no judgement attitude, wanting to support mums instead of trying to make money out of them.

Baby and Sister in Woolly Hats

In a decade where social media currently stands rightly or wrongly at the centre of everything, then it is imperative it is used as a platform for change. There is a huge gap in the information available, free workshops are practically unheard of in some areas. If you are considering combination feeding it’s most likely you will be figuring it out on your own. So with this in mind it is vital time is set aside for every avenue to be praised and discussed.

The time has come for more celebration of every mother however she wishes to feed her baby, feeding should and can unite us, because let’s face it- being a mum is tough enough!

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