July 6, 2022

Better Oxygen & Relaxed Feeding

The innovative MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle

The  MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle (enter code: TRYMEFREEBLOG to claim a free sample excluding P&P) was developed to support a smooth drinking flow to ensure less colic. Or simply put: Babies can drink completely relaxed. The resulting positive effects have been scientifically proven in several studies.

MAM Baby Anti Colic Bottle

When babies can drink quietly and relaxed, it has a positive effect on their overall well-being – and on their parents’, too. Dr. Alejandro Jenik, paediatrician at the Neonatal Department at the Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, examined the effects of the MAM Anti-Colic bottle in a clinical study. He compared oxygen saturation and feeding efficiency between a conventional bottle and the MAM Anti-Colic.

The results: Thanks to the MAM Anti-Colic patented vented base, the formation of a large vacuum inside the bottle is prevented so sufficient oxygenation is ensured. As a result, the natural and smooth drinking flow is undisturbed so babies can drink easily and completely relaxed.

MAM Baby Anti Colic Bottle

Abdominal pain, gas, regurgitation, general discomfort: The symptoms of colic can be extremely uncomfortable for babies. The patented MAM Anti-Colic vented base helps to reduce these as effectively as possible. Dr. Reinhold Kerbl, head of the paediatric department at the Leoben regional hospital in Austria, tested the effect in cooperation with practising paediatricians. The effect on the frequency and duration of colic attacks was studied. (See y-axis on the graph, right). Parents used the MAM Anti-Colic to feed their babies for 6 weeks (See x-axis on the graph, right).

MAM Baby Anti Colic Bottle

The results: Within the first two weeks, babies taking part in the test were already doing significantly better: They had less gas, did not need to spit up as much, cried less and retracted their legs in response to pain less often. After completion of the study, parents reported that using the MAM Anti-Colic significantly reduced discomfort for their child. In market research, 80%* of mothers with babies suffering from colic also confirmed a significant improvement of even complete disappearance of colic symptoms.

*Market research USA 2010, n=35